28 Apr 2011

Encouraged to Take on the Opportunities: First Showreel

Couple of weeks ago I met a filmmaker, documentaries he is making,  and next day a scriptwritter for commercials (what then he sends to CGI companys)  and both seperately gave same piece of advice. I simply said I'm a student, gave some insight to our course and that some of us are having work placements in various places also in London. Both of them strongly adviced to not miss this chance and let people you meet know what you do and who you are because you never know...

Basically this guy David Shillinglaw gives his view on how to create opportunity and fuel the focus needed to succeed as an artist,  an interview to Fidgit box. He  summarizes much clearly what I'm talking about and what those two professionals basically said:

Mini Fidgit: Just Do It from Fidgit Box on Vimeo.

So yesterday I sat down for couple hours and stitched my own first showoreel . I purposefully  haven't referenced anything  much, just put all the best bits of work done in past few years. I found it very useful  to also show to my nan and aunts, who think I'm going to be an art manager or something  and simply don't understand what CG artist means or what they do :D 
It was nice and easy to play around and reorganize the stuff you've done already :] 


  1. Hey JJ,

    saw this post - and thought it was great in terms of acting/animation:


  2. I trully appreciate now and see how its difficult to leave enough space for stillness.. this animator seems to have mastered it :]