15 Mar 2011

Project progress: Lighting and Animating

Today the time was spent to get the lighting working when character was finally set in to the scene.
Each bit of  scene ( in total 7 for act 1) is lighten separately.

For example in this scene  four more lights support the character to create a volumetric lighting. Key light,  few section boost lights and rim light shape the bird in this image. I think more work is needed still. For example light wings. Also it is clear now, the background is to empty .

This scene I'm pretty happy with. Though it looks like it still needs some tweaking on shadows.

In this scene I used rim  and Rembrandt short lights (light which is 45 degree to the character) to separate  the character from the background .

All the images have render layers combined. So this perhaps would be the end result of animation looks.

And here is the portion of animation. The Bird after encountering the enchanting Island rushes towards it and gazes at it in chill amazement.

As usually after seeing a sequence of animation I go back and do some curve cleaning, but essentially it is the same what's in the video.


  1. Hi Jolanta, Ivan is a really charming character. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks ! :) Am trying :) as I see you too are doing pretty indeed well! :)

  3. Hey JJ - these renders DO look wonderful!

    As per our conversation earlier - see the link:


  4. also



    (sorry about the actors - but the point is that you 'cut' on the movement to match your shots 'invisibly')

  5. Amazing renders Yola.....truly makes me smile hehe

  6. Thanks for these links Phil,
    And thanks Bob :)