7 Mar 2011

First Act: wrap up of performance and set building

At the moment I am working on workshop environment. Almost everything is in the place for that environment.

A lot of atmosphere will come from texturing as modeling for this set is .. pretty basic. the workshop is crowded with little bits and bobs, nothing too major though still (and hopefully) enough of detail to keep the environment interesting for the eye to look at.

Essentially There are a round of... 15 different objects in the scene, but they are varied in the looks (scaling composition, staging ). Also, texturing will push this forward.

Started from the base, texturing the room. The very usefull tutorial I've got from Alan, tutorial of Gnomon workshops, had a set of tips how to enhance the looks only by painting colour, specular and bump texture passes.

Work is in progress. Here the scene has colour map only. Also the lighting is set up and in place . But it will be adjusted and animated in  each scene.

Also the last scene in first act was Ivan succeeding to overcome the first set of obstacles and he is about to find the new.

The video isn't the latest update. I changed the head shake animation and some other little details. But in all honesty I found animating the character  interact with the world especially ..complicated. This  took me two days to get  working. Gladly ( :D) in my entire animation this was the only bit where he had to lift, open locks etc. On the other hand,  soon he'll be swimming in the waters and diving in the air.. that also doesn't sound straight forward :D

First act shots were animated in the manner to appear that Bird is somewhat rushing. He is too enthused to explore the world  to become aware of himself. But through interaction with the world he  does explore himself (second act).

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