7 Feb 2011

Suggesting Ivan's Goals: Revisited Animatic

As previously discussed it was unclear what is the true goal and a driving point for the bird: is it to forfill his nature and become a true bird which can fly, or is it to keep on exploring new things as well as getting to discover more about yourself ? All of those things are true, but one more thing plays an important role: the Island's likenes to Ivan and the suggestion it is his true place to stay and  is his true home.

To convey this idea the Island and more particularly the nesting-box, is brought more as the main focus point.


  1. Hey JJ - I just don't like the actual editing of the music - it's very anticlimatic; it's like 'flop' when it should be 'wallop' - I really recommend that you think again about the way in which you've contracted the piece; it isn't satisfying as it is, and I think it's got a lot to do with the 'flattening' of the feel. Also - I notice that you use a long POV for Ivan's flight to the island - and this again feels disappointing - because the whole build up to the film has been waiting for Ivan to take flight and spread his wings - to not show him in flight feels strange, don't you think?

  2. hmm... it seems there are some problems then.. I'll try and rebuild the soundtrack..maybe blending the same bits which played before ( and had a nice dramatic, climactic feel)

    Whereas with the flight of the bird, I totaly agree, there are only couple of frames of him flying .
    I don't know, maybe I overplayed the story to myself, it's getting harder to judge.

  3. Check out this animation - for Ivan's growing awareness of himself - and his clumsiness when he's not in flight; in terms of animation, I think it's so important that when he's earth-bound, he walks and moves in a clunky, ungainly way - so there's a lovely contrast with his flight a little later in the piece.