3 Feb 2011

Roughing out the Animation

I find this animatic closest to 'film' which constantly played in my head.

 At some points I've approached it in experimental ways ( especially at the very end) in order to portray personal vision. It might look to be working and at the same time the opposite.

The Animation so far seem to reach 3 minutes. I couldn't seem to make it shorter from any angle. when it was 2 minutes I failed to convey anything at all.
There are changes from original storyboards as well.

The animatic :


  1. It works well until the abrupt stop at the end... ? That was confusing. I know you've got problems with length, but that doesn't feel like the natural end of your story at all... am I missing something? Doesn't Ivan get to illuminate at the end? :\

  2. Hmm... He reaches the Island and we stop following his story.I ephasized this point.
    But yes.. it doesn't feel a natural end of the animation..
    I'll make sure to revisit it, and make a more fluid ending.