13 Feb 2011

Performance Animatic

It was en exercise in visualizing  entire performance of the bird and answering   questions what would he do  at each point.  Hopefully these 216 panels give a  clear  flavor of the animation heading for.

(I posted here the second animatic with a fix at 2:39)


  1. Hey JJ - this is immediately more expressive of your intentions and it reads much more effortlessly now: one specific suggestion though re. shot composition/intercutting:

    @ 2:32 - when you have Ivan looking back, with the motivated shot of the shore, I think you need it to read more like this:

    shot 1 - Ivan looks over his shoulder
    shot 2 - pov of shore/workshop/woods with gentle zoom (and you need to make that shot a little longer)
    shot 3 - Ivan looks back at island
    shot 4 - pov of island/hut - with gentle zoom
    shot 5 - back to Ivan - show him 'deciding' - then continue....

    Ivan's decision just needs to be more 'visible' - because it's the tipping point for his journey.

    Otherwise, I really hope this exercise has proven to be more than just 'more work' and has helped you feel more confident - and more concise - about your animation burden to come...

  2. Surely, now this will be my reference in production. This really was a necessary step, which I haven't done before. So .. do I have a green light to go? :D

    Also, I'll revisit and change the shot structure to your suggestion, as it really does feel out of place atm. Thanks a lot!

  3. Go, JJ - Go - but be prepared for more feedback etc, throughout - let's polish this piece to an inch of its life!

    Oh - yeah, I know you haven't changed it on the animatic, but your story does need an establishing shot of the workshop - to give the audience a bit of time to get their 'eye in' - but this could be done in silence, with the music beginning once Ivan is in shot...

  4. Yeah, more feedback please ! :D Always :D
    Oh, yep,the pan through workshop. I'll be working on a matt painting, preferably.

    I was thinking to sort of do a build up by showing one model which is just started to be buil, onother half way there, last one just about finished, and we come to Ivan - fully built aand soon to be alive