15 Feb 2011

Model's Adaptation to the Story

Having the story set, it was time to go back to the Bird and make adjustments . Initial model looked more as a statue-figure. Relatively expressionless facial features, no "gadget" inside.

For the eye mechanizm idea was to keep what was  already built (ship wheel on top of the eye) and  add few layers on top.

I personally enjoy how the ship wheel detail is uncovered as the eye is moving around . It looks like the texture of iris or highlights.

(texturing still needs to be solved)

Lastly, the bird now has a lantern.

I think I'm in a very advantaged position,as the character was pretty much done during the summer. Now he is ready to be rigged.


  1. Hay Jolanta

    I won't be in Uni today, so I was wondering if you could drop that book off at my house on your way home?

    My house number is 101, right by where we talked yesterday, I'd be very grateful

    If you can't, DW, I'll get it from you later in the week or something.

    PS - your bird is real cute :)

  2. no problem :) I'll bring the book today :)