7 Feb 2011

Dynamics and Game Modeling

Maya classes introduced some new tutorials. Up till now there wasn't much experience  with dynamics in maya. The approach to creating effects like smoke, clouds, explosions etc. is of different to creating..say, a character or environment.The looks, volumes and behaviour is achieved by manipulating physical setings (including forces etc.) Not by modeling the object and conectin it to blendshapes to give an example.

I enjoyed to discover that almost any desired looks of effects can be created from scratch and that there is so much control over it giving the chance to create both unique and highly stylized effects if needed. Also the looks can be pushed even further in aftereffects when it i rendered separately and composited on top.
So yes, nice to see that the part which makes the audiences wow is relatively easily managed :)

As for the second part of tutorials, the human body modeling for games, I found it much clearer and faster to do after having done two full characters before.

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