8 Feb 2011

Animations to reference for transcription project

For my influence map here I present the animations which have what I aim to reach  in transcription project.

Main reference for Editing and the logics of character portrayal.

To start with is the animated Short Reach.

The animation is newly discovered to me, so it was surprising to find how many similar it has as well.
But the note on this example is how a character is presented: similarly to Ivan, the little robot “wakes up” and soon discovers more things about the environment (explores the surrounding, interacts with it) and finds more about himself ( for example he is tied up to a wire, he has claw-like hands etc.) . Consequently  robot’s behavior progresses : from  self-unconscious clumsy gadget to a determined, energetic dream-reacher.

Other details also added up to expressing the little robot’s experience and point of view. Such would be , when ever something is shown through his eyes it has a vignette and the sound is dimmed as if passing a glass jar.

I noticed the rhythm of the animation, that what I need to solve in my animation. There were parts where the action was played in a theatrical manner – letting all happen in one long take , camera facing straight. But it didn’t feel tedious as it was then contrasted by a well paced editing.  This was achieved by using intercuts ( for example,  pigeon looks to the robot), reaction shots  and the action itself is  presented in a variety of angles. 

Reference for Video style: Camera lens and Painterlyness:

Second in line is the animation , thanks to our group blog, I came to cross , is Nokta (Dot) By Onur Senturk.

A very enchanting piece of animation. Watching it couple of time I took a note of techniques used to create one or another effect (the following list serves as a future reference, because it is very comfortable to keep all the notes in one place)

Flashes of colour, as if created by a sudden brush stroke and lens flares, can be seen when the tempo ( the pace within the scene) is high or when a dynamic action takes place .

Dusts and particles suggest a substantial air, atmosphere. As if it has the thickness to it and is fluid ( to my mind it gives dreamy, feel , the one you get just when woken up)

The animation is vignetted and posterized , my interpretation of that was, it feels as if the air itself is animated . That adds to fluidity and painterlyness.

Short depth of field.

Distanced ( in relationship to the object) glow. Creates, so to express, furry and fuzzy feel of environment.

combination of some ofthese elements in specific scenes would help to convey the feeling of the shot and the overall animation.

Use of film language and mice-en-scene:
Lastly, Après la pluie (After the rain) an animation created by Gobelins University students,

Is just beautiful, and is my choice for simply getting back to and referencing. As in one interview Laseter named Miyazaki‘s animations as Pixar studio‘s most referenced ones when they cross a problem. I guess if the studio uses this technique, a student should also :D

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