17 Dec 2010

Weight lift Animation: Key Poses and Inbetweens

A professional approach to animating a character was presented last week. When having an idea of an action to be animated, it is vital to find appropriate reference, which you then analyze, edit and stylize.

When uni was shut I found the files of weight lifting video and character in my uca and figured its another homework task, much like lip synch, where we had to build animation ourselves. So I gave it a go and animated weightlifting using the first rig.
The result is as follows. ( refinement needed)

But when we came back Alan actually had tutorial prepared, presenting gnomon way of animating. So I gave it another go. So far this video is a result of key poses and in-betweens.

I  believe there will be a refinement stage and tips for thatin third week's tutorials. Because I would continue on refining the animation...Only that it is time to bring our own characters to life :/

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