3 Dec 2010

Transcription Project Proposal

 It's the story which miraculously unraveled to me during the summer. It follows the musical storyline I was delivered that time.

A story of a mash-up Bird.

It starts when we see a mish-mash bird „sleeping“in ship model workshops. A passing by match-character wakes him up and soon after the bird finds himself overwhelmed with the surrounding, not fully satisfied he continues on exploring the place: jumps out of  the workshops to the outer world. There, to he is struck with the beauty of a little island in the lake. The island has something so attractive to the bird, he can‘t help himself but try do anything to reach it. 

So he tries to swim there (surely, since he is made out of ship parts) . But in fact there are lots of  holes and as he also realizes, he isn't constructed perfectly to funtion, he sinks.

Disappointed and he gives up while still looking towards the island dreamily … Match-character constant accompanier, struck with an idea, jumps onto the bird, opens something in his chest and Ivan pops open into a sky lantern!
Match matches the fire inside Ivan, and gasses start lifting Ivan to the. And then with little effort of his own, in short time the wondrous island is reached.

The metaphorical story tells about looking into the world, having dreams then trying to reach them. And that often  means also looking wor ways to reach it, for changing (improoving)  yourself . If you take the challanges, the reword is always there.  And perhaps most importantly  that everything best was already  there and waiting inside .

I really  feel passionate to express this one. We'll see how it goes.


  1. It's good that you are picking this up for the transcription, I remember the posts from summer and it was looking awesome. I got no-one near as far with my summer project, but I'm going to do the same, hopefully it will save us some time and make a more impressive outcome.

    We've been taught a lot since summer too, which should help a lot when going back to it.

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  3. I agree :) I believe we'll learn the most over next few weeks, when we gonna have to deal with those characters ( riggggiiinng and all of that scary stuff.. :D ) eugh.. :D

  4. Cool :D. For some reason this reminds me of the 2D animation called Fruity Bird by Dolphy. Maybe its got a simmilar theme in terms of wanting something/someone :)


    If not it might be inspiering if it's not really relevant :)