22 Dec 2010

Studio Project Progress

For some time now I haven't blogged about progress recently. All focus now is on Void canvas Studio Project.
So first o some Playblasts of  scenes I worked on:

We have Scale of Monstrocity Shot for only couple of frames, but  to add some elements in it I've animated a cable being "electrified" ( it will be glowing) and cut to fall by  a supposed monster lurking in the desolate city.

Test Renders of what was shown in the brief sequence:

For the past time I'm working with scenes seperately by making reajustmens on texturing, lighting, geometry or anything lese.

So from Factory's  establishing shot  this is what is left for the previously seen Abandoned toy scene:

Anyways, here is the set readjusted:

Only main box is missing... :)

Also I went to preparing the toymaker fully by adding facial blend shapes and texturing the character.
Currently I'm experiencing some problems which I've described in our studio project. But it seems its not much of a deal, so I'm solving them as I go.

Transparent face was/is one of the problems.. :D

More decent renders should come soon.

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