22 Nov 2010

Mulholland Drive's Postmodernism Essay Plan

Having chosen David Lynch’s film Mulholland Drive, first thing found was it can be interpreted using more than one key idea of postmodernism. It could be the ideas of  hyperreality or a work of pastiche and so on. So to single out an aspect I wrote a short plan. Main points should logically follow each other towards the conclusion.

Postmodernism Essay Plan:

  1. The view towards conceptual systems ( languages and conventions)

  1. Deconstructing Oppositions.
 One of languages quality is said to be it tends to categorize and structure itself into oppositions, then  prioritizing one of the two.  The film as truthful to postmodernism avoids privileging or relying upon transcendental signifiers and suggests their equal interplay (such as reality – dream, truth-fiction, understanding-misunderstanding ect.) 

3.The explained (reality) is the constructed (illusion)
In continuation to the previous point t the film much like postmodernism then declares: no singular truths. As it  is only our own interprets, projections, constructs and illusions.

  1. The suggestion then might follow, reality is like a dream and a dream (nightmare) is also real.

  1. No Closure
Therefore no unified closure is suggested, what the film asks for is ones own interpretations as only such are possible in the world as postmodernists argue.

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