13 Nov 2010

Fully Textured Characters, Resolved 4 View Turnarounds and Props

I believe the rendering of characters is pretty much finished. Here I post sidekick's and hero's concepts. Villain's finished concept was posted previously.

 I retouched sidekick's shapes to be  relatively clear rather than suggestive as before, also added textures for wings and eyes.

To paint hero took awfully long.. Definitely what I haven't expected.. It was because of his furry texture. I had to resolve  body hair as well as design props which were  intended for him ( I just forgot they were still  missing :/ ) 

That's the shield he carries with him on his back. It says.. . Well I don't know what, I don't speak in that language ( fictional that is). But I believe something epic.. :D

Last week I've posted the turnarounds, but mistakenly thought it's only necessary to do 2 views, so here is the added views for each one of them . 

What’s left is expression sheets, maybe some poses if there’s any brake in-between other two projects we have. I’d like to draw suggestive concepts for the two world environments. I know we have a lecture with Justin about it. But we’ll see...


  1. Wow these look great :D. Like the shield :)

  2. I really like these! Well done! I need to get to this stage quick. Your character are reeaaaaly memorable!

  3. Thanks! :D Spend a rainy day on it and there you'll have it :D

  4. yer JJ i agree with Bhararthi, theres something about you characters that look very original, great colours and great ET anatomy you've been very busy. :)