22 Nov 2010

Character Design Tests and Environment Suggestions

I'm still thinking about that cape. It looks to be such a detail. Only. But it does change the perception of character. With the cape the Villain looks older, it adds lots more weight to him. Without it he looks more agile and menacing, capable of fighting the hero himself.  And I think that would make more sense, since I gave him four sharp legs, the veil would only get in the way and perhaps  contradict the logics of design.
On the other hand he could simply take it off  when fighting . But really.. the use of cape would be more convetional  I believe.
Anyone's opinion on that might help here, eventhough  it seems to be such a tiny detail..

But if he has only the sceptrum ( which has to be that  long,  when  he stands in his full hight to reach it ) it might suggest he is only a soldier. Or might not... It's now hard for me to see it objectively  :/

The Idea for the World.
It is a place of never ending canyons, that's way the hero (and supposedly the indigineus) has such a leg structure :  they need to stretch to full legth to jump over the canyon gaps. But after alien invasion the planet is seeded with otherwordly structures, mineral-like control points, walls and main castle.

Reference for the combination of both ideas :

And here is a sketch for the environment of Monster Land under invasion of Aliens. I imahine  a creamy soft landscape with edgy castle-wall  "grown" like a minerals  out of the canyons throughout the Monster world .

Since environment concept isn't what brief asks us to produce I believe I wont develope it to finsihed stage because of other commitments to the course and university.


  1. Hi,
    The environment concept is great here - its not necessary to develop it further for the purpose of this project, and it says enough for the story. As to the veil issue, a tricky one that. You are right to recognize that the cloak and sceptre denote a position of power. Rather than having him constantly removing his veil before wading into to a fight, which he has the build for, perhaps it makes sense to design the veil as shorter - more like a cape (coming down just below his body) so he can still fight without tripping him up. The sceptre could also have a weapon mode, so that it extends to a spear, or extrudes a spike. In other words, he can seem stately , but when necessary, can switch to a dangerous fighter

  2. Thanks Justin, A ridle solved here :) I'll make sure to do the ajustments.

  3. this is cool J i like the metallic green metal look.

  4. Looking great :D. Rather like the enviroment you've chosen, ie it's not a swamp but a canyon

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