9 Nov 2010

Character Design Lectures 7 and 8

In the 7th lecture we were taught of the principals and swirling  ideas for approach  when  creating creature designs. The importance of   animal references, application of appropriate humanistic features and use of symbols, textures ect. were discussed. All is used to construct a creature audience would react to consciously and subconsciously ( For instance, As Justin pointed  Giger’s Alien has all the elements serving to subconsciously invoke a fright of rape in audience’s mind ).

The latest lecture all of us experienced a simulation of a real life scenario, where a group of 3 people were briefed to create 6 designs for a rebooted show.  The following two designs are for

Dr Zantus Kromozone;
Evil Scientist
Who delights in experimenting on other creatures but at the same time is squeamish himself. Lacks of display of emotions. He experienced an injury, lost an eye, but with his own capabilities improved himself by introducing a new eye capable of many new features like controlling the henchman.

A note from Justin was the design is too subtle and there's a far greater potential to go "over the top" with Scientist. Indeed only after drawing it I realised I've created a rather realistic portrait and have not designed a character as much.

Hulking henchmen, genetic experiment
Armor plated saurekian, with  instincts of predator and augmented natural advantages.He is controlled by the evil scientist  

It was a fairly good approach for that character as noted. Suitably non-human looks, good direction of shapes.
These were created in just over an hour. I'd guess it summarizes and  shows how well we pick up the conventions of designing a character  from all the  previous lectures as well  as what   creative  desidions were made in such a brief period of time.

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