6 Oct 2010

Life Drawing Games

This life drawing wasn't like any other last year. In the first half of the session we played a game where the task was to work on a drawing for a minute and then move 2 easels to the left and work on what you've found there for a minute, till all of as made a full circle. Finally when we came back to our own easels, we had 3 minutes to work on what we found and add something to make the drawing "our own".


And we didn't have a model that day  ,so instead Jono, Paul and Godwin kindly posed for us :)

for more of Life drawing by J.J. *Jolanta Jasiulionyte* go here

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  1. Looks good when is the life drawing classes?

  2. These are lovely, JJ - and that first very expressive exercise is very 'you' - you could make a whole Maya world from that, no doubt. Ivan would live there happily.

  3. Thanks for the comment, I'm actually thinking now about how to make this happen... :] Have some ideas...

  4. where my jeans that low? lol they look great JJ