31 Oct 2010

Character Design Refinement

Like two weeks ago, so as the last week's lecture, I’ve got advice and notes on all three characters.  No radical changes needed to be done, since the designs are pretty much in their refinement stage: tweaking proportions, adding details ext. 

So for the hero, again, I had to make some adjustments with his head's structure. Change nose and eye shape, add facial hair. Hopefully it’s working for the better now.

Sidekick pretty much worked as it is, just needed to add the jaw for more comunicative  facial expressions, and cleaned up the drawing for its clarity.

The Villain, as thorough out the whole character design unit, took the longest time to “figure out”. After changing  the head it became “more interesting” than body, also  seemed detached from it, so the advice from Justin was to add some “complexity” to the body.  

All of the changes were really necessary. Characters can be better understood when seen in relationship to one another.

I started working on the texturing. I had basic ideas about it  for each of the design:  hero will be furry, sidekick has a /dry/ thin bat-like skin, but the villain.. (There’s just something with villain’s design all this unit :D ) a great great idea came from Justin, and it was perfect, as soon as he mentioned it I saw fully finished design in my head ( Eurica! ) He said that villain’s design structure suggest he could be mineral-based creature, made of a see-through mineral.. Like.. He’s an evil alien, why not.  


I’ve gathered some Visual reference for each character’s texturing ect. Hopefully in next week I’ll be able to work on that more.

Oh, And I discovered I haven't uploaded show's synopsis , forgot :/  But here it is.

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  1. They're working very well now, JJ - totally readable - well done :-)