8 Oct 2010

Car Modeling Progress 2

As modeling progresses it really becomes more and more complicated to edit geometry. The advice to keep the geometry as low-poly as possible makes great sense now -  you really don't want to find yourself moving dozens of vertexes around your model. Its such a waist of time and the result is still not satisfying. The current car model still needs lot of tweaking and cleaning...

1 comment:

  1. This is where good topology and 'edge flow' comes into play. If you establish clean edge flow and have a low polygon mesh then you're in the money. It means you can add geometry very quickly and easily by means of smooth tool or edge loop tool and the looping will follow what you have already mapped out.

    Of course, the less geometry you use the more control you actually have. If you have 20 vertices controlling one curve, it's going to be a wobbly ass curve, where as if you control it with 3-4 vertices it will be smooth. The less vertices you use, the more control you have.

    Good progress by the way.