27 Sep 2010

Thumbnail Storyboards for The Attack of 50ft Alien from Toyland Trailer

Last week our studio Void Canvas was working on the development of the story. Then we (Bob, Ethan, Earl and me) came up with lots of ideas of what shots our trailer could include. As we were talking I tried to capture our thoughts with quick and veeery rough sketches. After these "workouts" (and these were real workouts, try to visualize and think of shots and the scenes, discuss it with the colleagues and draw all at the same time: D ) I would go back to the sketches and colour them ad add all the details and other elements . SO far these act as guidelines of the parameters of the world we're having so far. In near time we'll add some more shots, just not to leave it boring as it would be if the trailer had only that many shots in it.

And these were the original sketches :

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