1 Sep 2010

Texturing Ivan

The week befor I was busy with UV layout, this week I started texturing and hopefully the Bird, (which has a name now :D , Ivan) will be finished.

Examples of UV layouts

I took Phil's advice to paint the textures in a traditional way so there would be a feeling that the Bird is actually hand made. So after having layed out the UV's I printed out all the maps and used aqua paints, pencils to create base textures.

Example of painted base textures

But still I'm importing it all to photoshop to tweak some bits and add some more detail.

Example of Bird textures

I'm not rushing the process,also it is going slow because I can't help myself enjoying the summer :D All those trips to have and friends to visit are really taking some time, but I'm quit optimistic to see Ivan finished and book released before the deadline of this  summer project   :)


  1. I love those textures, JJ - really looking forward to seeing Ivan make his big entrance; I'd like to see you keep Ivan as an ongoing project - yes, I'm talking about the whole animation; it needs to exist!!! Keep this plate spinning, and, who knows...

  2. Omg, you can't do that Jola!!
    You can't show texture sheets without showing them on the model. That is not fair!! Who do you think you are! :(

  3. I know, i was scrolling down with the hope id get to see a nice render, but you broke my heart jola.

  4. :D Oh sorry, my bad :D I'll fix this :) the thing was, without bumps and speculars or proper material settings it looks aweful...

  5. Hey JJ, I posted a comment last night pretty much saying the same thing as Rich & Jon - but it didn't show up! Put simply - bring it on - can't wait to see Ivan finished, and, the second part of what I wrote was I think you should seriously consider keeping on with this project - keep the plates spinning - because I personally would love to see this whole animation finished... third year project, perhaps?

  6. You don't even need to render it.
    Apply materials and just set it to high quality in port view and snap shot it.