22 Sep 2010

Lost in Lamancha (2002)

Its a documentary of the preproduction and the production, or failed production of the film The man who killed Don Quixote. It tells a story of the hard work the team, and especially the director Terry Gilliam were putting to make the film or just event to keep it being made.

Having started as a typical documentary of the film creation it than reveals the chain of disastrous events that happened during the whole production of the film. The documentary is a '' must see'' if one wants to get a better understanding of what it takes to be a filmmaker , what challenges are always waiting ahead and how never smooth everything is.

the idea that a man can't control everything was clearly pronounced, since even if the team put all the efforts to keep the production going, the problems came from what a human being couldn't control: stormy weather, actors getting ill etc. Personally than I though its such an amazing thing that dealing with CG you're a  lot more in control, because of you don''t have to put in account a  range of real life circumstances the traditional filmmakers do.

In over all it was interesting to see the behind-the-scenes and how the process is actually happening

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