21 Sep 2010

Introduction to Character Design

Today we were given a brief about Character Design unit. It asks to produce a three fully resolved character designs of a hero, villain and the sidekick in a particular set of random genres. The pro second part of submission is to produce a Character design  & Animation Bible which contains the three designs, synopsis of the story, turnarounds, expression sheets and completed tasks of weekly character design lectures .

So my set of genres is:

Monsters and Aliens

Having further discussed with Justin Wyatt, an experienced Disney's character designer, who's lecturing us for this unit, the first thing to do is to come up with a story, what will direct the further research, development and production of the designs. 

But before we engage with the project, today we had first lecture on Caracter Design in which we were asked to come up with designs for random  characters;

The first character I got was : Peaceloving cheerleader

The second was Insectoid football hooligan


  1. Hey Jolanta.
    My email is
    So you can add me as an author whenever you get the chance. I'll also post my email on the blog as well so the team can contact me at any time. Also, would it be a good idea to post our roles on the blog to just for people like Phil and Alan to know?
    See you tomorrow

  2. Sure thing! :) I think that's a great idea :) After friday wi'll have everything seteled and then we could post it all