14 Sep 2010

Fallen Art by Tomek Baginski

Fallen Art is an animated short by Tomek Baginski, polish director. His previous works include The Cathedral (2002).

The action takes place in the military base, where soldiers who lost their minds or are no longer wanted by the Army are sent to be expended. There Sergent Al,  Photographer Dr. Friedriech and mentaly lost general A atempts to create wholy different art.

The highly stilised world of animation plays as yet another tool to tell the story : anomalous and grotesque style is like a reflection of the story being told. But at the same time its soft and rich blue-brown colour pallete and smoky warm  lighting adds to the appeal.  As reviewers of World Wide Cinema Festival notices, it is like the director took two illustrators Dave McKean's and Bill Sienkiewicz's  style and brought a new one in this film.

Illustration examples of Dave McKean:

Illustrations of Bill Sienkiewicz's:

But there would be many other aspects at wich the animation stands out, to give an example, character design, camera moves and editting or the main idea behind it. In over all this short film, to my mind, is one of the best examples of such kind and is worth analysing.


  1. dark satire, indeed - the character design and feel of the piece reminded me of Jiri Barta's Pied Piper of Hamlyn.

  2. Hi Jolanta

    The styling and nature of your recent project (Ivan) reminds me of an animation from the 70's/80's called 'Ludwig'.

    The show follows the story of a forest of animals who get a visitor - A metal egg. The egg (Ludwig) transforms from inside. Legs and arms appear with equipment when necessary. Its never explained why or where the egg came from. Its just a simple story (for young children) that's born out of the importing of European cartoons in the 70's and a made up narrative due to the language re-dubbing. As a result there is a magical surreal tone throughout.

    Check it out...


  3. Thanks Alan! I've never heard of this animation, will be interesting to see it :)
    Aparently others said the bird reminds them of the owl in the original Clash of the titans :D So the list is getting longer