28 Sep 2010

Ed Wood

Ed Wood is a film directed by Tim Burton. It’s a biographical drama about the, so titled, worst Hollywood director – Ed Wood. Edward Davis Wood made a sequence of cheep movies in 1950’s. His films were poorly produced, filled with technical errors and cheesy special effects. 

The film portrays the period when the director produced his most known films like “Glen or Glenda” and “Bride of the Monster “.

Unlike majority of other Tim Burton’s film this one isn’t style-driven . Although few times some resemblance to “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” (Wiene, Robert; 1920) occurred (Tim Burton was influenced by this film).  In particular, the scene where Bela Lugosi (actor Martin Landau) was laying in the coffin at the coffin shop.  I noticed the make-up and the over all setting had the painted-light style. (Maybe the picture down under doesn’t quit show it , but it was better seen  as camera was tilting in the film).

But the concentration was on the life and experience of Ed Wood through his eyes. Film tells of his work methods when making a film, his love life and main connections he had. One perhaps could get a general idea about the persona of Ed Wood after seeing the film, even if not having heard of this director before.

Just some observations. The shots looked really well layered and quit usually the main action wouldn’t even happen in the first (the closest to camera) layer of the scene (for example in the restraint scene we see the woman talking with barmen in the first plan, in the second Ed Wood discussing the play with his crew, ant there’s a third layer with people passing by behind the window).  Perhaps it’s to create the vivid and energetic feel of the scene and the film in general.  

Over all, though slightly extended the film felt, it was interesting to see something of difference to other films Tim Burton directed and to get to see the biography of a personality you hear about from time to time.

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