27 Sep 2010

Basic Plot and Influence Map for Character Design Project

There are few things to do before starting to think about villains, sidekick’s and hero’s character designs. We were asked to first think of what is the basic story in whicg these characters play.

The project asks to create these three designs for a Saturday show’s cartoon series.This means the show is family-friendly, and the genre is suited accordingly. So its necessary to think what’s a good approach for both the story and the design.

My words were Aliens and Monsters. And the story is simple:

There’s a planet where tyranny of evil ruler takes place. He’s a powerful vilain who’s much pleased of the extent of his power and feels the need to see evidence of it all the time. He’s accompanied by a loyal servant – his sidekick. In all his characteristis he compliments the Tyron –week and silly, he’s a mere follower, but faithful and concerned.

But like in many stories, there’s a hope for the people to be saved by a strong-harted hero. A trutfull, optimistic, a bit naive fighter for the good of people.

So far I think the idea and the feel of the story resembles that of Samurai Jack (Tartakovski, Genndy; 2001-2004).

The story doesn’t lack of action, humour but at the same time there’s the epic feel , since all the series emphasize and add up to the same goal – To defeat the evil ruler Aku. But the seemingly meaningful idea behind It soesn’t stop from making the animation highly stylized anf full of suggestive design decidions ( textured planes stad for fields of trees ect. )

I  imagine my character design’s to have freedom in style.

Just to give a glimpse of what I have in mind I collected some images on the influence map.

I was looking at all the most amazing designs of aliens and monsters, which still try to keep a good level of believability by paying attention to details (texturing, proportions, final resolution). I’d be reaching for something much like that, impressive original design but enough complex and finessed.  

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