26 Sep 2010

Bad Kids Go to Hell Comic Book Review

I have to say few things before anything else:

First. I've never read a comics book in my life. Secondly I was reading this one in the train and..well,  I've missed my stop :D  I guess that sais something about the comic book :D

Thank you Matthew Spradlin for this gift and Alan for , I guess, having to abandon all the good stuff you could've taken in the limited flight baggage, in order to get these gifts to us  :D

Bad Kids go to Hell tells a story of 6 teenagers who are left  for detention at a newly built school's library.
Much Like in film  The Breakfast club (Hughes, John; 1985) kids are all different personalities with different anxietys, wich subsequently  lead them to different result. The  comic definitely has a flavor that of The Breakfast club. But differently to the film, the reader is introduced with the supernatural - the library was built on Indian cemetery. To name other differences it also was  more sarcastic, lot sexier and lots lots more violent than the film. 

I personally enjoyed how the story twisted unexpectedly from the very first pages. For instance, the comic starts with construction workers building the library and one of them in the excavator when  all of sudden he fall sin the hole in in the heart right to the hart of the smoky burial-ground. Few moments later he's taken out but now unrecognizably raddled himself... 

Till the very and (and especially at the very end!) such unexpected turns in story occur, what makes the comic's brilliant page-turning experience. 

Also I enjoyed each and every panel for they were highly expressive, visually strong and drawn in appealing style.

I'm thrilled to see the film know :)

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