9 Sep 2010

The Art of Ivan the Bird

Yesterday I've ordered a book  The art of Ivan the Bird to be made using Bob Books  services. At the beginning I didn't know  what to start from , but the website offered to download a program wich helped to organize the layout and other details of the book.

I do understand its not gonna be perfect since this was my very first book evber published :D But  I've concentrated on forming an argument ant highlighting the main points of  the creative jorney I've taken in this project. So hopefully the book will clearly express it, but no doubts, there are things to be critisized . . :D

I won't upload th pages since it's much like what's here on the blog. Only one thing missing though,  the 3 side view of the finished Bird model. 


  1. looking forward to seeing it, Jola :-)

  2. Hey Jola - would be available to make a short presentation to the new first years on the morning of Friday 17th in Lecture Theatre 1. I just want some of the 2nd years to give the new recruits an insight into what they can expect - a really upbeat, but honest "work bloody hard" style chat.... Interested? Drop me an email... :-)