23 Aug 2010

Work in Progress: Bird's Model

Bird's Model Sheet

This is what I have so far.  Few things like bird's wings and.. well nothing else really, is left to model and I'm good to go for UV mapping. Since I haven't layed them as I was modeling. I left myself the freedom to change things without thinking to readjust the UV map.

I think/hope/pray  this week UV's will be layed out and the texturing also done :D  And I'll be ready to work with  book layout wonders as well as final images of bird presentation. I hope to draw the environment, put the bird in it and present it as a fully resolved still image of a supposed animation.

SO far I'm really happy I have taken this task seriously because I had the luxury to take all the time I needed to solve modeling problems, watch tutorials etc. I'll be so much more confident this year.

Well.. less talking then :)


  1. Wow - so much character. I love the fact that the back is tilted downwards as though it is very heavy. Awesome! :D

  2. Jon! I was going to write you a letter, I have a question :D

    I'm modeling all it as poligon in low resolution, but always pres 3 to see how it would actually look. So when it comes to actual rendering do I need to convert the bird from polygons to subdivs or from polygons to nurbs or just smooth everrything?

    Also when I choose to do one of those things how will that afect UV lay out process?
    It's a ridle to me atm..

  3. Okay, okay.
    You model entirely in Polygon, any alterations you make should be done via that (1 on the keyboard)
    Mental Ray renders SubD. So if you're using MR then you can just hit '3' on the model, to sub divide it.
    Software does not render SubD. So if you're using Software, then you use Smooth. (Mesh > Smooth) 1 or 2 divisions, depending on how heavy your topology is already.

    This will not effect your UV layout. Just do all your modelling in Polygon, and lay out all your UV's in polygon. Just switch to SubD quickly to get a preview of what it will look like smooth. It's a good idea to pay attention to things like pinching and stuff in subD previews.

    Hope all is well :)

  4. Oh man, this was so clear ! :D And I was ready to use a dictionary or smthing to desipher the explanation :D cheers!!