17 Aug 2010

Bird's Design: Blocking out Essential Shapes

It's bin a while since I've posted, I have to repeat myself here again. But finally things have sorted out and I could work with my summer project...again.

Blocking out Essential Shapes
I started sculpting the bird, trying to follow the guidelines of my 2d drawings thoroughly. And so far I see these designs were the most detailed ones I made so far. I can see the benefits immediately. instead of having to solve technical problems I would need to make creative decisions constantly. I don't know if it could slow up the process more, than the lack of technical skills already've done it...

But I have to say the borrowed DVD of Gnomon Workshop tutorials really helped.
I watched through Kevin Hudson's automotive modeling tutorial. Hopefully it's going to help as I imagine :D

Really really hope to do some amazing things with my Bird in near time.. :/


  1. hey hey JJ! Nice to have you back :-) Hope you're not too exhausted. Looking forward to what happens next!

  2. nice yola!!!! i love the beak section....

  3. Glad to see you've gotten started Jola! I see a triangle! :P