15 Jun 2010

Research: Principles of Architecture, Ships and models, Extraordinary Chickens

The first idea after listening the music was, it's going to be an emerging structure. Soon after that I started researching architecture and this was what directed idea's development. it is also a good reference of what the construction of the bird could be.
But as the idea was developing and becoming what I wrote about, I started researching ships . So far I think they are going to serve as bricks for my bird, as well as shape and from solutions. There should be lots of elements of ship in the design works.

Also to refresh my eye and just to brake the stereotypical visualisation of birds I'm looking at the extraordinary breeds of chicken. But just to clear things out, the bird structure is not going to be a chicken (even some of those chickens I saw don't looks like chickens at all..). But I needed to see the variety of shapes and feels brought by the shapes ( why some chickens look cute while others, to my mind, perfectly embody pure evil :D :D )

Few other Little things are important to my concept. such as the Sky lantern.

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  1. "Ivana!" :-)

    I'm very intrigued by your proposal, JJ - looking forward to seeing some drawings.