15 Jun 2010

Initial Responce and Ideas

After listening the music many times an idea came. The music suggested everything to me: colour palette, shapes, proportions, then environment, character and finally the story.

The place. It seems it's going to be a model-making class-garage where such things as ship, plane and other smart models are made. The garage is near a lake . The space itself is very open but in the same time definite, surrounded by woods.

The character. It is a bird-like model, made from all the 'leftover' from other models. So its a bit of everything together - you can see parts of ship, parts of plane, other objects , all different but working very nice together in dis mish-mash model , the bird ( A bird also just 'came' while listening to the music. At first I didn't understand and asked my self - Why bird?? , but now listening to the music, there's really a specific ..bit of tune, that really sounds and reminds a bird)

The idea.

The idea is the forgotten model one evening becomes alive and his goal is to reach the water and finally, the sky, or in other words, forfill his purpose and become what he is meant to be.

the idea is , he is a sky lantern and not only a mere mish-mash from the leftovers of other models. He just needs to open himself, light a fire inside and fly up , this is not a metaphor also :D he really opens as a paper lantern, lights a fire to gather warm gasses and because of that starts flying up.

After working out the idea and the story I was confident to start researching the concepts which will be used to create world, character design.

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