15 Jun 2010

Idea's Development and the Aim

SO far it looks like I'm aiming for something similar to what producers of Howl's moving castle (Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, 2004) made.

It is interesting how the idea reached this point. It's like a story here.
Last week (as well as tree upcoming weekends) I was working with robots Sparky and Atom, as one of the operators ( I was the robot's arm :D ) in the Fuse festival, which is now taking place in Medway towns. I noticed that seeing these robots day to day also influenced the idea of summer project..

Also one of my friends went to Sunrise Celebration festival here in UK and uploaded gorgeous pictures from there. One which inspired me was with the lanterns. I thought - that's it! that's what I needed! Before that my bird was only running towards the lake from the garage, but now it is reaching the water and then reaching the sky. This is like one of those moments we were tought about in Storytelling unit - of course the bird is actually a lantern and flys up instead of just floating! . That was an Eurica moment. Eventhough I'm definetly not thinking about summer project, all seems to fall nicely into places. :) Atleast that's how it feels.

It looks like the personal experience really is playing a part in creative solutions . Now over this week I'm hoping to draw as much as I can and come up with more substantial designs .


  1. heya, nice pics :)

    btw i have a special invite for one person to deviantart video upload rights, you want it?

  2. oh! :) Of course I want it!!! :D :D :D : D Thanks for suggesting :D