16 Jun 2010

Developing Bird's Design: The Architecture of the Bird

This is the first step in developing the design of the character, that is figuring out the proportions and finding the structure which would then serve as guidlines in the actual process of design since the bird will be constructed of various bits of other models (ships, tools etc.) . So to make sence in the design I first started thinking about the "anatomy" of the bird.
Also the bird will transform into a lantern, so I bared that in mind when designing. For instance, I was planing to make the wings short, but they didn't suited the bird-lantern so I went for longer wings.

I took the advice I heard quite a few times this year and quickly done some shape tests. So far it looks like the shape is simbolic, simply readable and in this case suitable .(In animation the bird would be a bit clumsy and in a way inconfident, but still childishly energetic, cute and outgoing).

Now It comes to figuring out the detailes, as in this case it's all about the details since the bird is going to be one large 3d puzle.

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