18 Jun 2010

The Bird

After..now two weeks of visualizing and roughly a week of drawing today I got to first time see how actually the bird is looking. I have to admit, this is perhaps the first design that really has a lot of likeness to what was in my head. Some changes , of course, will take place.

Also there's still the side and the back view left to be drawn. But this was the hardest bit.

So as you may notice, the bird looks like a ship and is made out of ship details. But that was, as I mentioned, my intentions. After figuring out the proportions ( where I researched the variety of birds), how its going to be constructed (to get a good idea of that I researched bird's anatomy, contemporary architecture and the "what's out there", in particular - Howls Moving Castle ( Dir. Hayao Miyazaki, 2004)) what left was building a ''puzzle'' . The bird looks like he is clayed together from various bits of ships and in general, from leftovers ( I think I should make the bird asymmetrical to make the idea he is made from leftovers even better pronounced..).

Having figured out the design of the character I can go and find what his environment is like.
Next week, my last one here in Rochester :) , I'll try and create the concept drawings of the environment and the world of animation in general.


  1. Looks very interesting. Eager to see how this will translate to 3D!

  2. Hey JJ - you should also draw the bird from behind and on a 3/4 view to properly understand it - but I'm very intrigued by your project proposal and look forward to more glimpses into 'JJ World'... :-)

  3. I'm hoping the modeling video tutorial will help, cause I feel bit desperate from this respect :D But can't wait to see it to :)

    yep :) I still have the side and back views to be finished :) Cause the back would be a mistery when it comes to modeling :D

  4. Hi Jolanta

    Check out the link below. Its of a character called Professor Yaffle. He was a part of a show called 'Bagpus' from the 70's. It might help you.


  5. Looks great so far Jolanta :D

    Another character I recomend looking at is the Swoc from Roadside. I dont know very much about this character because the artist doesn't talk about it much however it might come as some inspiration


  6. Thank you for the links :) Particularly at this project I realised how reference material reflects in design and makes it richer. I think so far what I'm heading for with my designs is something similar to Alan's link.

  7. Hey JJ,

    Some more reference... From the old BBC children's show The Clangers - skip ahead about 6 minutes for the 'Iron Chicken'...



  8. what a cool chicken ! :D And it really has the charm I envisioned for my bird . I like the level of detail in that dsesign.