17 Jun 2010

Bird's and Bird-Lantern's proportions and structure guidelines.

After listening Alan's comment I decided to tweak few things. He suggested to first research birds anatomy and all the 'hidden' bones they have because that consequently might affect the design work. And it doesn't matter if its a cartoon character.
In my case the bird is somebody's made model/sculpture, so I imagined it's moves restricted ( penguin-like walking for instance), On the other hand if it were for animating it later , I'd still need to express his thoughts and feelings somehow. I thought the tool for that could be his head and eyes and his wings, which , I read somewhere, should be considered as additional pare of eyes :D ("Hands are like extra pare of eyes in animation "). So instead using the blocks for wings, like I planed, I went for more real-like construction of bird's wings.
Also changed the proportions so both bird and bird-lantern would look slightly better


  1. Looks great so far Jolanta. Like you said, it might be quite hard to model but once it is, I bet it will look amazing. I can't wait to see it move, especially if it waddles like a penguin.

  2. Thanks Sam ! :) I'm not sure If I make it move, since this is summer :D planing to have some great time :D But hopefully We'll get to see it done