17 May 2010

Render tests

Today I worked with the final scene of spore falling down and camera revealing the scale. The majority of the time I spent reaching for the final looks and animating the relevantly simple actions amoebas take.
The chalanging bit was to compostit light, texture and object layers into a seemlesly into single unit.
As I see it now, this was particularly true to this scene since there is a"secret" (the true scale in wich action happens) which I thoroughly was trying to hide till the very end of animation :D

By the way, these examples are really just tests.. it takes a looong time to wate while one example is baked, so I just put it here the developmental examples


  1. Wow, I didn't see the part with the light beam today. Looks brilliant.

  2. very nice, i imagine it would attract and kill many flys :)

  3. :D I liked your comment Richard :D Awesom :D
    Cheers Sam! I'm trying to reach your quality of work :D