16 May 2010

Pre-Viz #5


  1. much better JJ :-) BUT :D I think you need to keep the reveal of all the other spore-blobs a 'secret' until that wonderful, final pull back that ends your film; now, logically, all the spores would be visible as you follow the spore to the ground (you show them as the spore drops to the ground) but seeing them in the background at that point just seems 'too much' and takes away from the big conclusion; if I was shooting this film on set, I'd instruct the lighting people to keep the lights very low, with just a light source tracking the spore in the darkness - with just the suggestion of the environment in the background - and THEN, when the final pull-back starts, I'd instruct the lighting guys to slowly bring up more spots to reveal the full scale of the other spore-blobs; it's a trick, but I think you need to keep the grandeur of that final shot a 'secret' until the audience sees it...