16 May 2010

Pre-viz #4


  1. Hey Jolanta - that first sequence with the slug just works very nicely now! (hope you agree and you don't think I'm a b*****d!:D) BUT, I still don't think the cut from the spore falling to the spore landing works, because in the second shot, the spore still 'pops up' from the bottom of the frame (1.17sec) when it feels natural that all the action should go from top to bottom; consider making the spore-drop into a single sequence; it starts beautifully - nice long-distance shot and then let the camera move towards it as it falls and then tilt downwards in close-up to connect with the existing shot at 1 minute 20 seconds (at which point, the animation can play out as you've got it, with the pan out). JJ - you're SOOOOOO nearly ready to start it; just correct that spore-drop sequence and then GO, GO, GO!!!!

  2. ok :D Definetly no curse words on you Phil :) This is getting better and better after improvements :D Cheers!!

  3. also - take a look at this animation from a current third year (produced when he was a first year) - I want you to pay special attention to a) the very fluid camera work, and b) the way the student has thought about the opening and end of the piece - his timing etc. For instance, I want you to think about the first 8 seconds of your animation - that is, the first 8 seconds BEFORE we see the cave; how does your animation actually begin; is it blackness, with the music fading up, and then the cave is revealed? Is there a title - and if so, what font will you use and how will the font 'appear' - take a look at the link and starting thinking about 'the whole piece' as an experience...