11 May 2010

The Pitch

The presentation we had was not only interesting with a variety of creative ideas, but very informative as well. I found comments from both Mr. Klappa and Phil very useful for my further project development.

The notice was to sinchronize carefully animation's timing with the soundtrack.
This is the slightly changed pre-viz.


  1. Hi JJ,

    It's late, so I'll be quick :-)

    At the 39 sec mark, when the 'above shot' jumps to the close-up - this feels awkward to me; I'd like you to try organising this shot as an uninterrupted pan - so the camera follows it as it moves - draws a little closer - and then, smoothly pulls back again and stops as the blob stops and starts to sprout; I'm not sure what the purpose of the close-up is - unless it is to show something inside - but, like I said, the break feels unwelcome and jarring; anyway, try some alternative strategies here; and also, at the climax, what with the music etc. it just feels that the final 'pan out' should just go on and on until it fades to black; I'm not sure from this pre-viz if the final sequence (when the slime aggregates) is meant to be a continuation of the final pan (as the millions of blobs move together?), but, at the moment it reads as a 'jump back' to the microscopic, when that final shot is all about vastness and 'the cosmos'... am I mistaken? Let me know...

  2. I'going to polish the planing of camera movement of the slime moving to its position where he transforms. I also have few alternative ideas of the camera move in the shot where it stats rotating back to "real" angle.

    The jump cuts in the final sequences were made so to explain how huge the scale is. As if we would need to zoom and zoom out from that microscopic scale, therefore the crosfades/jumpcuts are presenting the cuts of time just to summarize the vastness.

    But actually the continuous pan out might be more fluid and ... continuous :D Also esier to manage. I'll definetly put it to the test.

    The very last shots in the pre-viz, planes are presenting the "fields" of amoebas, so it's not a jump back to microscopic scale

  3. I remembered! :) The CU is to show that the fruiting body starts drying out ( leanes slightly down) before releasing the sports ( which is the nex ECU shot)
    But I can get rid of thet CU if it's feeling chopy and doesn't contribute to the flow of aniamtion