6 May 2010

New Chancellor of UCA - Zandra Rhodes

Today I had a great opportunity to participate in the Installation of Zandra Rhodes as a first ever Chancellor for the UCA. I was lucky enough to win the competition between student ambassadors to participate in this event in London's Banketing House.

As today It was explained, Chancellors mission is to make sure University is holding to its philosophy, direction of development.

Instantly recognizable with her distinctive pink hair and blue eye shadow, Zandra Rhodes has achieved worldwide fame with her textile designs which are worn by rock stars and royalty alike. ( examples could be Diana, Princess of Whales, Jackie Onassis, Freddie Mercury)

Zandra Herself finished This University in Rochester ( then known as Medway College of design) where she developed a passion for textiles.

At the time of event she gave a very inspirational speech about what it means to be successful as well as what it requires. Essentially the point she was trying to make was that the difference between an idea that in the end succeeds or fails is hours of work and the level of dedication.

Also few practical tips came from her what could help to achieve creative success. As boring as it sounds, believing in your idea and believing that you can make it real is the secret.

SO this was a bit of enlightenment about what's happening on UCA outside CG Arts and Animation baseroom :D


  1. Wow, hope you had a good time.

    Everything outside of our course seems like a complete mystery to me. I suppose we don't have that much in common with Fashion or Branding (Apart from wearing clothes and drinking Coca Cola) But like you said:

    "the difference between an idea that in the end succeeds or fails is hours of work and the level of dedication." If that doesn't apply to CG I don't know what does. lol.

  2. definetly :D But she supposed to be here for all 5 universities and all the courses ( pfcourse, there's no secret which ones will be her favourites :D )
    But yeah, we should see nice pink hear of her from time to time :)