19 May 2010

Life Drawing: Human Figure in Perspective

This session the task was to represent human figure in perspective , again, using all the techniques tought, like using negative space, mesuring proportions with a pencil, visualizing conecting lines to get the direction, blocking in the shapes first and so on. After continuous practising sessions like that get easier ans easier to understand the perspective, as well as life drawing model shapes. 

to see more of  lifedrawing by J.J. *Jolanta Jasiulionyte* go here

A very usefull site for those who are selfteaching  is posemaniacs

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  1. Its interesting that your drawings are looking more 3D now than they did at the start of the year. Using CG and interacting with virtual 3D worlds has a funny way of helping you visualise objects in a drawn space. Well done.

  2. indeed :) For example, after doing hand skinning tutorials I got much a better understanding of how hand is structured.