13 May 2010

"Fixed" Pre-viz

This version of pre-viz shows alternative shot structure. This time there's more fluid camera moves and continuity of the shot instead of cutts . I think... this works best so far... but its hard to see it objectively.


  1. After a litle brake I saw .. mistakes.
    Just to leave a not, I'll make the camera folow slowly the moving slime mold to its position, so when he stops he'll be in nigger scale and camera starts rotarting to the "real" angle from a closer point.

    ANd the final push back reveal shot needs a pause for us to see the cell leaving the shell.

  2. Morning JJ - I would have posted this last night but it got too late; I think what you've written above is a recognition of what I'm about to suggest; the jump cut at around 1.05 to the close-up is jarring and seems to 'stop' the fluid action; I wonder if everything from the aggregation scene to the camera rotation through to the close up of the spore dropping could be done in one shot, so that the camera moves towards the blob as the camera rotates and finishes on the 'up' view of the spore leaving; it will take great control, but to break this sequence doesn't feel right as it's really one motion/process; it feels natural to cut away to a new shot once the spore 'drops' because then, in spatial terms, the story changes scene; also, I think you need to show the spore actually 'drop' before you cut to the scene of it falling thru space, otherwise it's not as clear as it might be be - and also (! - sorry!), at 1.18, when the spore exits the shot at the bottom of the screen, it then appears 'going up' from the bottom of the screen - which breaks the line of action; keep the spore dropping down from top to bottom; so move the camera instead to show the spore coming to rest on the cave floor... and also, in that last big pan-out when you show all the little blobs, I think in order to add even more 'wow' consider showing more clusters of blobs - so that the whole scene looks like a galaxy...

  3. ok, read the comment :)
    I'll make ajustments
    And there will definetly be more clusters of blobs, just playblast went nuts even with that amount of details :/