21 Apr 2010

Maya Tutorials: Intro to Animation Continued: Walk Cycles

This time Everything arranged in a way for me to do all the walk cycle at one time in these few days. Having missed the very first class when the intro to rigging and animation took place I found it tuf to catch up, to understand the basics from other classes where we moved forward . SO the first walk cycle mechanics took me 6 hours to do, and you can see the quite crappy result of that. But following the progression of 4, then 2 hours, today the last one, the double bounce happy walk cycle took me 1.5 hour :D so I'm pretty happy. Learned alot . Also I was expecting something more painful from animating it in Maya, but as also others have shared, I found it fun :) ( I guess it looks like that after the rigging, which, gladly I did before the animations :D )

P.S. All the riggs are in one older post.

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