19 Apr 2010

Lascivious Walkcycle

The task was to draw animation of a walk cycle having the characteristics of our object given. SO mine was lascivious walk cycle.

The walk is unnatural - the shoulder and the hand moves together with the same side leg ( whereas in our natural walk they are opposing to keep the balanced walking) and sticking out pelvis out also.

I imagined the walking person firmly taking the step and then dragging the other leg almost with out lifting it form the ground.

So sorry for the quality... :/


  1. A lascivious walk-cycle - with the lights off... can't see anything :-(

  2. I know :/ Tom said it's gonna take a while to process the video :/

  3. I dont now I dont think they take that long. Perhaps uploading it to youtube? Because I can't see anything either and if I remember corectly you posted this before the maya lesson today.

  4. oh oh i know what it is cos you need to compress it, had this problem too rele anoying! it works on vimeo i think, if u want i may be in late tomorrow so i can show you if not im sure other people can, ethan showed me so perhaps ask him?