11 Apr 2010

Hayao Miyazaki

To begin with, Hyao Miyazaki is Japanese animator. And to cut it to the end, he is often titled as god of animation between many world's most famous animators (to give one example, John Lasseter - chief creative officer at Pixar).

According to various sources of information, Miyazaki is perhaps best known for his richly realized fantasy worlds and memorable female characters.

His animation never lacks of realism be it objects and characters we are all familiar with or fantastical creatures and places.

For instance. Haku, the dragon from Spirited Away was animated referencing the behaviors of dog (particularly the way jaws work), snake and a dragon. By applying the different characteristics of movement to the character design Miyazaki together with studio Ghibli produce believable performances.

And when it comes to Myiazaki‘s heroines, they seem never lack nurturance, compation , that are feminine, on the other hand the unfeminine characteristics like active independence and strength in the face of dangers are what‘s considered to make them so remarkable. To dig deeper, Miyazaki at the same time creates female characters that in Japanese culture are widely recognized and defined as Shoujo, and gives new aspects to their personalities thus surprising the audience used to conventional protagonists ( western audience is surprised as well, since it is used to male protagonist that exhibit strength, independence and courage, not female ones).

But in fact, if someone was there to look how he constructs his animations, he would definitely find deep thoughts and meanings, not to mention symbols and clues or traditional elements from Japanese culture. Therefor, it could be concluded, his works become a memorable and rich experience.

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