12 Apr 2010

ANimatic For the LAscivious Umbrella (2)

Sorry it's not with sound yet. I'm collecting them at the moment. But I Thought it's still worth to put it.
This animatic (there was one before) shows more what actions take place, how characters move in the scene. Also I paid a lot of attention to the timing. I tried to be as accurate as I could. I event counted the seconds and turned it to frames that I'll be drawing now, so at this point animatic was indeed helpful.

Though it shows now what isn't working. I think "peacock dance" will look differently in the real animation.
And of course, any feedback.. :) highly appreciated :)


  1. Evening JJ,

    Lots more refinement in this version - and, because it's still pre-viz, some of my following observations/suggestions may be irrelevant - or resolved through animation. So, I'm just wondering if you could do a little more with the 'spine' or stick of the umbrella, as it seems rather immobile in comparison with its canopy; and it's handle too - I'm wondering if it should wag like the tail of a small, excitable dog, and, when it leaps into the air, could it maybe twirl around like a propellor or flap quickly like the fin of a fish out of water; it just seems to me (and, of course, I don't have to draw it) that some secondary movement on the umbrella would bring it further to life and add to its excitable performance. It's not clear from your animatic how the umbrella forms itself into the heart - the transition isn't obvious - but again, this will no doubt be resolved via the animation itself... also, what happens to the coat hanger? :-)

    More generally, your animatic has lots of charm already and I can easily predict how the use of sound will bring it further to life - I can only wonder at which sounds you've found to accurately convey a lascivious umbrella? I shall wait and see!

  2. Awesome, your story is so simple and you can tell exactly what is happening from the animatic, i also really like your coat design, very feminine.

  3. Thank you for the fedback Both Phill and Richard :)

    I'll definetly add some secondary movement to the umbrella. I liked relly much the idea of it flapping like the fin.

    But about the sound, I was thinking.. DIferently that from The Gypsy circus where there was a huge arena and only one all-dominating tone of music, this time I thought to bring out the intimate space of a cupboard by using no music and focusing on the mere sound effects like the rain sound outside, umbrella oppening the canopy etc.
    or.. Should I still add a dominating sound track on top of it?..

  4. Oh, about the coat hanger :D Like with the buttons I decided perhaps to get rid of the unecessery (?) details. I have to admint, the raincoat is complicated and tiring to figure out the movement even without the coathanger.

  5. I wonder if a sexy tango riff might work rather nicely?



    Okay - so none of these examples are quite right, but maybe something along these lines... check out traditional tango music for something a little 'hot and steamy' for your cupboard courtship...