15 Apr 2010

3 days, (almost) 30 seconds

It was now three days of straight drawing from 9 a. m. to 11 p. m and so far I have about (only?) 30 seconds..

Do others go the same pace? ...

Also I have decided to do my animation totally in Photoshop, what I was am and will be doing for this animation . I chose to do so thinking it might help save some time from the redrawing the still parts. Yes, when it comes to redrawing the stillness it takes only Ctrl+C and Ctlr+V but the whole bunch of other things come with wonders of Photoshop also - like the layer management or saving each frame separately.

But it's not like I'm moaning here.

I learned and still am learning a whole lot, like for examples the keyboard shortcuts, scripts and actions. Scary but I find myself sometimes not thinking in sentences but in shortcut combinations ( oh, this is wrong, I need to Ctrl+Z this then Ctrls+Shift+D and Ctrl+T and it's gonna be better , meaning I need to undo the action, reselect that part and transform it again so its gonna work well :D )

Again. Scary.

In general, no, I see now it doesn’t help me save time but it gives just to say for example more freedom to make readjustments right away you've played the animation and find it not satisfying.

Hope our labor will be evident in our animations :)


  1. 3 days = 30 seconds...


    I hope your classmates are reading this!

    This project always gives students a proper understanding of time - that strange contradiction between laborious, painstaking tasks that take ages - and how time speeds away in the blink of an eye: it is the true state of being of the animator!

    Really like your 'futurist' drawing (at the top) - reminds me of the painter Balla's Flight of the Swallows...


  2. Yeah, it's great,isn't it like McCay's Pas de Deux
    Flight of Swallows looks great
    Thanks for the link!

    Yesterday gave me only 5 seconds of animation, then I really started thinking abpout the relationship between labour and animation, glad so far It doesn't scare me that it's so slow :)

  3. Is it possible to make it in Photoshop ? AAAAAAAAaaaaaaarrghh, I could save 2 working days:(, because those curtains are really hard to animate - 5 frames = 1 hour. With my "brilliant" skills.

  4. There are even ways in premier pro how to combine your animation in layers ( ( Good ideas of Leo :) ) so if you feel like saving some time, you could do it in photoshop than combine the both drawn animations there.
    The only thing is, you have to have constant "sections" in which one object(like for instance my raincoat) and onother ( the umbrella) is being animated so you'd ceep the croping of that section the same and they'd see through each other in premier pro.

    SOund's sooo nonsence.. dont know how to explain it :/
    But it's possible

  5. dw 3 days 30 secs is good! and you made me laugh about how you think so true infact :P I always do this and i just stop and think o m g did i just think Edit>Undo lol!

  6. :D :D true :D It really scares me, no jokes :D