4 Mar 2010


Briefly about it.
There were few decisions I made. About the sound. After talking with colleagues (particularly Alex) I decided not to put separate sound effects, since in the circus you wouldn't even hear the tipping and tapping - its a show arena, so it must be loud, exciting so I took a familiar song and readjust it to my story ( its not perfect, but for an animatic it serves well enough.

Yes, I changed the ending of the story ( Special thanks to Todd for suggesting the ending and Ethan for encouraging to change it :D ) But it was as it always should have been. Because I got so involved with the story that I actually started feeling sorry for the elephant :/ And The ending made me only very cheerful because the little guy deserved the price really :)

There are few camera movements I wouldn't include in animation ( as I did in pre-viz) , like the shaking of camera when characters find themselves as biggest competitors, only because it would look cheese, but.. in animatic they were necessary
to create the meaning.

It was very exciting experience. I stepped in to fields I've never been before. There really is something trilling to see your vision develop and , what at first was just sketches, ruff planning and designs, separate elements, become a, well, almost animation :D
Looking forward to next projects! :)

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