29 Mar 2010

Up - (2009)

It is a story about an old man who after loosing something of great importance finally moves forward and meets new adventures.

It is really an example of great animation. The world created feels so natural and believable. Probably most of that comes from a believable performance. There constantly were evidence of attention to slightest details such as the move of dogs tongue or eyelids shaking from nerves, I'd guess those details aren't serving the animator, because it makes the audience forget they are seeing animation - you then find yourself deeply connected with the flow of the story .

A keen observer probably would notice the active camera movements. For example in the scene where the house was caught by a storm and it was necessary to create the chaotic feeling. Cameras were jumping from the place where dishes felt down to the shocked faces of Russell and Carl. But it was contributing to the story, not distracting or irritating (at least to me) - probably because the creators didn't over used it.

It might be said, the movie is so successful (the rating in IMDB is 8.4) because of its characters .
even those who appear for only few moments are so individual and well constructed. And seemingly the creators aren't going for the most typical characters with the predictable performances, body languages and reactions and its true throughout the film even if it's a main character or the one for brief moment.

And to make it all appealing here comes the design. Gorgeous.

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